Are Cyclists Superhuman?

Do cyclists have more active sex lives and better social lives? Find out in Cycle Republic's latest research on how cyclists compare to the general public.

20 January 2020

Review: Marin Alpine Trail

Righto! Who’s dreaming of a new big-wheel, long-travel full suspension enduro bike. You are? Then wake up and feast your eyes on the Alpine Trail platform from Marin, a bunch of riders who know a thing or two about creating fun off-road.

16 January 2020

7 things you should know about Wilier Triestina

Wilier is a road orientated bike brand from Italy. Specialising in high-end carbon race bikes, here’s seven need-to-knows that’ll get you under their skin.

3 January 2020

Christmas gift guide 2019

If you’ve been asking ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ for the last two months and have gotten nowhere, you might be starting to get a bit of a panic on about your pressies this year. We’re not saying that Christmas should be all about what’s under the tree, but you still want to get them something they’ll like.

29 November 2019

A relationship with cycling: Amelia

Amelia is the second episode in an occasional series which tells the story of one person’s relationship with cycling.

27 November 2019

5 ways to make your bike more comfortable

Here are a few simple adjustments that could help make your bike more comfortable to ride.

13 November 2019

Winter commuting: 10 tips to help you survive the season

Low visibility, sideways rain and a roaring headwind, all before a day at work. Commuting by bike in winter can be tough at times! Ride day in, day out with these simple hacks.

6 November 2019

Electric folding bikes buyer's guide

The convenience of electrical assistance combined with the benefits of the fold – we do like an electric folding bike here at Cycle Republic. Our buyers guide will help you find the right one for you.

19 September 2019