The British Cyclists' Survey

For us, cycling isn’t just about getting from A to B. Our bikes are an essential part of the rhythm

of daily life, and whether long or short, the thrill of the ride is often the reason we head out on

a journey in the first place.


Of late, we’ve been interested in learning about the experience of the UK’s riders whilst on the

road. Why do we love to cycle? How do we perceive our surroundings when on a ride? In what

ways could our time on the saddle be improved?


Following this, we conducted a survey of five hundred riders across the UK, to gauge the

nation’s perception of a bike ride, collating a diverse range of insights and sentiments in the



Take a minute out of your day to leave your bike on its stand and learn about how the UK’s

cyclists see the world around them with our very own UK Cyclists’ Survey.

british cyclists survey