Summer jerseys buyer's guide

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Summer jerseys buyer's guide
By James Gadd 10 August 2017 No comments

Not sure what to wear when it's hot out? Here's our guide to summer cycling jerseys.

There aren't many things better than heading out into the summer sun in a jersey and shorts. Your kit should work with you to keep you riding – especially when you most want to be out.


Have you ever tried riding in a cotton T shirt? It's fine for short journeys, but eventually you'll find yourself sweating and the shirt getting wet. Cycling jerseys are made from wicking fabrics, which carries sweat away from your skin and to the outside of the fabric. That helps it to evaporate easily and keep you dry.


Summer jerseys are almost always made from synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics can be made into super-light meshes that will survive the wash and let manufacturers tune the performance of their jerseys to match your needs.

Sun protection

Hopefully, you'll be seeing the sun at some point over the summer, and that means you'll need to protect your skin from getting burned. Keep an eye out for a summer jersey that protects you from UV rays.


Depending on your own style, you can pick a jersey that has a super-tight stretchy aero fit or something that gives you a bit more modesty in the cafe. The choice is yours. Similarly, decide whether you want a full-length zip to open up on the climbs or just a short one.

Other features

Some other things to check out when you're picking a jersey are the number of pockets and features such as mesh panels in areas like under your arms that will help to keep you cool.

The ride

When it comes to getting out of the door, make sure you've kitted yourself out properly for the ride. If it's the morning or evening, or conditions look changeable, it's a good idea to bring arm and leg warmers or a Cycling jerseys. The same goes for if you're going to be gaining a lot of elevation during your ride. If you're starting off in the morning, it's great to be able to strip off your arm and leg warmers as the day warms up, too.

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