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Since taking the cycling world by storm in 2007 and Olympic victory in 2008, Boardman bikes have been continually evolving and innovating in order to create bikes which offer the maximum performance at an attainable price.

While the bikes continue to be proven with gold medals in every Olympics since launch, as well as countless other victories, the Boardman team apply the same ethos to bikes for every rider. All of the Boardman team are active cyclists and bring their own experiences into the process to ensure that every bike designed is one that they would personally want to ride.


"The Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon replaces the Road Team Carbon which is Road Bike of the Year 2017-18, and on paper it looks like a lot of bike for £1,000"



Boardman - 2019

The result of a two year development plan, Boardman's new 8 series bikes promise bang-for-your-buck value whilst new 9 series models build on award winning, performance orientated platforms.

SLR and SLR Disc models are the perfect all-round, all-year road bikes, ADV models are bang on trend adventure partners and the HYB range are as practical and fun to ride as ever. Scroll to see the full range.



Introducing: Boardman 8 and 9 Series

"We’ve been hearing whispers of a new range from Boardman for some time and now it’s here it was high time we took a closer look. The previous Performance and Elite ranges have been replaced by different..."

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Boardmans for every need, from the leisure cyclist to the enthusiast and racer.

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Boardman bikes take a holistic approach to engineering, using real-world conditions to closely mimic how the product will be used when it reaches you and ensuring that you have the very best product for your needs.


Creating cutting-edge carbon bikes can’t happen by accident. Boardman Bikes put huge effort into their research and development to ensure that every step of product development is analysed and scrutinised, leaving no stone unturned in the search for the next breakthrough in design and innovation.

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The Team

To the Boardman team, bikes are a way of life. Just like you, they’re out riding every day, in all weathers and on all kinds of bikes enjoying the ride, testing their machines and refining their designs.

It’s this passion that has helped Boardman become one of the nation’s most popular bike brands, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down.



-The Guardian


Boardman Performance Centre

Part Two - What?

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Performance Centre

The brand new Boardman Performance Centre houses the first cycling specific wind tunnel alongside biomechanical and physiological and aerodynamic testing.

Boardman Performance Centre, The Valley, Evesham, WR11 4DS

Performance Centre

The Boardman Performance Centre allows technology and testing that previously only elite athletes have had access to and makes it available to any level of cyclist interested in improving their performance!

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