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Cycle2Work is a government scheme which lets you save money on a bike and equipment by paying monthly through a salary sacrifice. This way, you can get your kit without paying any tax, national insurance, or interest.

Behind the scenes, your employer buys your bike and equipment and then leases it to you by deducting it from your salary as a non-cash benefit. Overall, you can save a minimum of 32% if you’re a standard rate taxpayer!

New guidance from the government, released in June 2019, means that Cycle2work can now offer bike and accessory packages over the old £1000 limit.

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Head to Cycle2Work and get your Letter of Collection (LoC) using your details and employer’s code. You’ll be able to use this to pay for your package on

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Once your Letter of Collection has been issued, it’s time to shop! Choose the products you’d like in your package on and add them to your basket. Look out for the cycle to work symbol to check what you can buy with your Letter of Collection.

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Got everything? Click on the basket icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose ‘check out with cycle to work’. Then, enter your details in the checkout. We’ll check again that everything you’ve bought is eligible and that you haven’t gone over the value of your certificate.

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It’s as simple as that – all that’s left to do is wait for the postman with your kit or collect it in store and start riding!

How does it work?

Cycle to work lets you save loads of money (at least 25% for standard rate taxpayers!) and pay in instalments for your bike and accessories. If your employer has signed up, you can request a certificate from Cycle2Work and use this to pay for your order at

What can I buy?

Look out for products with the cycle to work symbol: Cycle to work

Cycle to work can be used to buy a bike and accessories for riding. This includes loads of different things like clothing or safety equipment, but there are a few exceptions. For example, components, cycle computers, cameras, and kids’ bikes.

If you want to be sure, keep an eye out for the cycle to work symbol as you shop. Don’t worry, though – we check your purchase before accepting your certificate to make sure that everything is OK.

Want to see how much you can save? Use the calculator below to find out!

Using your Letter of Collection

Using your Letter of Collection online is simple. Once you’ve been issued with your certificate, shop as you normally would on by adding your chosen products to your basket. When you’ve got everything, click the basket icon in the top right corner and choose ‘check out with cycle to work’..

From there, it’s easy! You’ll be asked to enter your LoC details in the checkout, and we’ll check your basket to make sure that there’s nothing in there that can’t be purchased with cycle to work and that you haven’t gone over your allowed value.

Remember, even if your basket total is less than the value of your LoC, your salary sacrifice will be based on the full LoC value. Make sure your basket total is as close to the LoC value as possible so you can get your money's worth!

Cycle 2 Work
Savings Calculator


Total gross cost*

Total lower rate (20%) tax payer cost* NI rate based upon 12%

Total higher rate (40%) tax payer cost* NI rate based upon 2%

* Please note: Savings may vary due to your personal taxation and any cost incurred by your employer running the scheme.

Where do I get a Cycle2Work Letter of Collection?

If your employer is signed up to Cycle2Work, you can head to and follow the instructions there to be issued a Letter of Collection.

How much money can I save?

Because you save on tax and National Insurance, a standard rate taxpayer will save a minimum of 25% through Cycle2Work. Normal savings tend to be between 25% and 39%!

Can I use my Letter of Collection online?

Yes! Using your LoC online is simple. Just follow the instructions in the ‘How to’ section on this page.

What can I buy with my Cycle2Work Letter of Collection?

Your LoC can be used to buy a bike and accessories. Keep an eye out for the cycle to work symbol on eligible products.

How much can I spend on a bike and accessories with Cycle2Work?

The maximum amount you can spend on Cycle2work is set by your employer. Historically many employers had a £1000 limit, but new government legislation released in June 2019 means that this is no longer the case for most companies. This change means you’ll be able to save on the full value of any bike or cycle to work bundle.

My employer has set a £2000 limit and I’d like to buy a £2500 bike – can I top-up my Cycle2work purchase with my own funds?

This is not allowed. Please contact your employer to discuss their limit. If you wish to spend more than your certificate value, you will need to cancel it and reapply.

My employer is requesting a quote; please can you provide one?

Absolutely. Please contact your local store directly. We’re afraid that our customer support team cannot provide quotes.

My Cycle2work letter of collection doesn’t work, can you help?

The Cycle2work letter of collection is case sensitive. In our checkout, please type it exactly how it appears. This could also be because your voucher has expired. Please contact Cycle2work directly.

Can I spend some of my voucher now and some later?

No. The voucher is single use.

I’ve brought something that’s the wrong size. I’d like a refund or an exchange.

Please contact our customer support team for further assistance. We cannot offer a cash refund on any items purchased via a cycle to work scheme.

Got questions about Cycle2Work? Click here to head over the Cycle2Work employee help page.