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Electric Bikes


Why electric?

Electric bikes are becoming hugely popular around the world – and not by accident! E-bikes let you travel further, faster, and more easily than ever before, while being super friendly to the environment and saving you a load of money in the process.

What’s more, an electric bike is a really practical and really fun way to get around the city and get in some exercise during your commute without getting too sweaty.


"It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how fit or healthy you are: e-bikes are for everyone."



Long range

Modern e-bikes can make light work of your commute. You can expect to see ranges of up to 40 miles from the built-in battery pack on a good e-bike, or sometimes even more!

Of course, you can pick up extra chargers to refuel at work for extra peace of mind, or if you use the bike to get around during the day too.

Pedal assist

E-bikes work by providing pedal assist. As you pedal, an electric motor kicks in and amplifies your power to make the ride easier and help you accelerate up to speed quickly, or just stay relaxed on the hills.

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Customise your ride

Lots of e-bikes are highly customisable, with different modes to choose from depending on how far you need to go or how much of a boost you’re looking for.

Riding around on an e-bike is huge fun and a really different way of getting to work or around the city.

Want to see for yourself?

Test out an e-bike at your local Cycle Republic!

Discover an e-bike

So what exactly are you looking at when shopping for e-bikes?

They’re available in loads of different styles depending on what sort of riding you’re going to be doing, but electric bikes are mostly the same as normal bikes, but with three main extra parts that make all the difference.

What that also means is that if you forget to charge your battery for a few days and you run out of juice, your e-bike still works as a bike!

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*Cycle Republic would recommend wearing a helmet, but it's totally your call.


Mega commute challenge

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As well as e-bikes for getting around, we’ve got a great selection of e-mountain bikes. With the help of pedal assist, you can power up the climbs and enjoy more of the descents and trails than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to keep up with your friends, or you just want more of the fun stuff, electric mountain bikes can open up the trails like never before.


Haibike at Erzbergrodeo 2016

Haibike XDuro DH