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Gtech are experts in all things electrical, and they’re well-known for bringing a fresh outlook to everything they design. That’s why we’re so excited to have Gtech electric bikes in our shops!

What’s the winning formula? Make the most of modern tech to make a super-simple, super-reliable range of bikes that feel great to ride and are easy to look after.

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You can’t even tell when you’re going uphill!

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Onboard computer

The Gtech’s built-in computer continually monitors your pedalling smoothly adjusts the power to make sure you’re getting a boost when you need it.

Everything is done automatically – the bike will help you up to 15mph, but you can go faster under your own steam if you’d like. You’ll feel a big benefit when you reach a hill and start to slow down.


High-torque motor

A 36v high-torque motor is hidden in the rear wheel of the Gtech bikes, and lets you choose between two different cruising speeds with the simple press of a button. Neat! Small but powerful, this motor makes it easy to get up to speed.