Cycle Republic Services

Regularly servicing your bike will keep it in good working order as well as reducing component wear and tear. We service most makes and models including, Brompton, Boardman, Specialized, Basso, Trek, Orbea, Cannondale, Marin, Canyon, Lapierre, Giant, Raleigh, Felt, Genesis, Pinarello, Colnago and many more. Read on to find out more about our three cycle servicing options, bronze, silver and gold.

Bronze: For the occasional user - keep brakes and gears working perfectly.


Check both gear mechs for wear and damage - adjust limit stops as required

Check operation of gears - adjust as necessary

Lubricate brake and gear cables (replace if required - chargeable)

Inspect chain for wear using wear indicator - lubricate if OK, replace if not (chargeable)

Inspect front chainring and rear cassette

Check bottom bracket for play


Check for damage to frame, forks, tyres, and components

Examine wheels and tyres - specifically braking surfaces and tread condition. Inflate tyres to correct pressure.


Check the mounting and alignment of both brakes - adjust as necessary

Inspect brakes for wear and damage

Inspect condition of brake pads

Check operation of brakes - adjust as necessary (additional charge for bleeding hydraulic brakes)

Silver: For the frequent user – drivetrain is removed and fully degreased before being refitted and adjusted.


Remove, fully degrease and replace drivetrain

Inspect both pedals for wear and tear

Ensure both crank arms are tightened to manufacturer's torque settings


Remove and inspect wheels for wear or damage to hubs, bearings, spokes, rims, and tyres

Check both wheels run true - true as required

Check stem and headset alignment and security, and ensure all bolts are tightened to manufacturer's torque settings

Check security of handlebar clamp and handlebar mounted controls, ensuring that all bolts are tightened to manufacturer's torque settings


Inspect front suspension fork - check for worn seals and oil leakage

Inflate forks to correct air pressure for rider's weight

Inspect rear suspension unit for leakage - ensure mounting points are tightened to manufacturer's torque settings

Inspect all suspension linkages/pivots and bushes - remove, re-lube and replace as required

Ensure rear shock is correctly tensioned/inflated for the rider

Gold: For the high mileage user - a full strip and rebuild plus full replacement of brake and gear cables.

Includes everything in a service PLUS:


Replace full cable set

Remove bottom bracket - clean, re-grease (if applicable) and refit

Remove cassette and inspect freehub for wear or damage


Remove wheel axles - degrease, inspect, re-grease and reassemble

Remove headset - degrease, inspect, re-grease and reassemble


Remove brakes - clean, check for caliper wear/damage and refit