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Built and Ready to Ride
Cycle Republic Warehouse
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Cycle Republic Warehouse

Built and ready to ride

Buying a bike for delivery to your door or desk? Here’s how things work.

Once you reach our checkout, with your chosen bike in your basket, an estimated delivery window (in working days) will be shown. Unlike accessories, we don’t ship our bikes as soon as we receive your order. We know you want to get riding, but trust us it will be worth the wait.

After your order has been accepted, your bike is picked at our warehouse and enters our build queue. We’ll unpack your bike from its original box, inspect it and our trained mechanics will fully build it so it’s ready to ride

Delivered to your house
Bike Box


Bike Set Up Instructions

Unboxing your new bike

Now you have received your new bicycle from Cycle Republic, there are just two steps to undertake before it’s ready to ride.

First, you’ll need to turn the bike’s handlebars and tighten the stem. Secondly you’ll need to attach the right hand pedal.

Follow the simple fitting instructions included in your delivery, view a copy of the instructions online or watch our simple how-to video above.

Spread the cost of your bike!