Building your Bike

Building your Bike

No matter whether you buy your bike in one of our stores, or you order it to be delivered to you, it’ll be built and inspected by one of our professional mechanics to the same standard.

When you collect your bike from a store, it’ll be put together and ready to ride out the door. We’ll adjust your saddle height when you arrive, as well as setting the pressure of your suspension if you have it.

If you’re buying a bike to be delivered, our mechanics will build your bike and then turn the handlebars so that it fits in a box. When you receive your bike, just straighten the bars, put on your pedals, and you’re ready to ride.

Free 6 week check

After you’ve been riding your new bike for a little while, the components and cables will start to settle into place. If you’ve bought your bike from us, you can bring it back after 6 weeks for a free check. We’ll inspect all of the components to make sure that everything is working as it should be, and we’ll give your bike a quick tune-up to bring everything back into line.