Riding a bike in a Northern Hemisphere winter can be a thankless task. Short daylight hours, inclement weather and difficult road or trail conditions can hit the pause button on your riding. Saying that, a few adjustments to you and your bike will help you squeeze the most out of the season.

That’s you sorted; now it’s time to turn your attention to winterising your bike. Bike lights and mudguards are a must at this time of year. Our range of lighting includes hundreds of models, all with a variety of power, different beam patterns and battery life. Meanwhile our selection of mudguards includes integrated models that fit to your bicycle’s mounting points, as well as more simple options to snap onto a bike that doesn’t have the required eyelets. Of course, if it’s just too cold, just too snowy or just too icy, a turbo trainer is an ideal way to keep legs turned during December, January, February and March.