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Mountain bike culture was born in Marin County, California and, in 1986, Marin Bikes was founded in that same cycling mecca. With pioneering technology from the heroes of early mountain biking, as well as a keen eye on new trends, Marin went from strength to strength.

Nowadays, Marin’s line-up has expanded to include hybrid and drop bar bikes alongside its excellent range of mountain bikes – all built under the belief that bikes make us better people, and life is better with bikes.

Marin Fairfax
Marin Fairfax

Speed & Commute

Wanna get around town? The Fairfax and Terra Linda bikes are made to give you the speed of a road bike, but without giving up on the practicality of a commuter bike.

Aluminium frames with sporty geometry, combined with rack and mudguard mounts and puncture resistant tyres make these ideal for getting to work on time.

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Marin Larkspur
Marin Kentfield

City & Sport

Designed for casual fitness rides and short distance commuting, the Larkspur and Kentfield bikes deliver a comfortable and relaxed ride.

They’re perfect if you’re going to be heading down the bike path or live near to work and need something for the hop over.

Marin San Rafael
Marin San Anselmo

Dual Sport Range

If you want to get out and explore a mix of paved surfaces and trails, Marin’s San Rafael and San Anselmo bikes are built just for you.

These bikes have components and geometry designed to balance a sporty position for pedalling with a comfortable upright stance.

Marin Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Marin’s roots are in mountain bikes, and their range of off-road bikes are the result of 30 years on the scene.

From full-on all-mountain machines to adventure hardtails, all the bases are covered, with each bike designed to put a smile on your face when you hit the trail.


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