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Based in the Vosges region of France, Moustache ;-{D manufacture over 60 electric bikes - all powered by Bosch's industry-leading e-bike systems.

So why Moustache? Much like the facial hair, each moustache bike is unique, each one is recognizable and each one has its own identity. And of course, there are Moustache's signature handlebars (or is that a handlebar moustache?!) which rise from the stem, sweeping back towards the rider with a final flourish.

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Moustache Samedi
Moustache Samedi


Bikes to calmly negotiate traffic on your way to work. Bikes to explore beyond the confines of the city. Bikes to ride across counties, or countries for that matter! Moustache’s electric hybrid bikes breathe that extra je ne sais quoi¬; clever battery integration, practical integration of lights and mudguards and of course each model is powered by a powerful Bosch e-bike system. Look at our favourite Moustache electric hybrid bikes below.

Moustache Lundi 26.1
Moustache Lundi 26.1

Lundi 26.1

Say Salut to Moustache's most recognisable bike, the Lundi 26! A powerful Bosch motor, those comfortable, signature Moustache handlebars and wide, bump-absorbing tyres are the key ingredients to this wonderful city bike. Throw in robust mudguards, integrated lights and a matching pannier rack and you've got yourself a car-replacing runabout.

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 2
Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 2

Samedi 27 Xroad 2

This versatile and rugged hybrid e-bike is fully equipped with lights, mudguards, rack and kickstand. It uses the latest Bosch Performance Line motor, powered by an integrated battery and thanks to the chunky tyres, 27.5” wheels and suspension fork, the Samedi 27 Xroad is an extremely versatile e-bike.

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Moustache Samedi
Moustache Samedi

Samedi 28.3

A brand-new bike for 2020, the Samedi 28.3 is a refined Moustache e-bike, equipped with low-maintenance internal hub gearing and a suspension seatpost. The bike doesn't forgo the practical touches that make riding life easier - it's equipped with lights, mudguards, rack and kickstand. The Samedi 28.3 is also available with a step-through frame.

Moustache Electric Mountain Bikes
Moustache Electric Mountain Bikes


Moustache's electric mountain bike range covers all bases - from short-travel bikes for light off-roading to 160mm travel enduro e-bikes and everything in between. Moustache's pioneering role in developing electric mountain bikes is born out in their association with cross-country mountain bike legend Julien Absalon. At the inaugural e-MTB World Championships in 2019, Absalon rode to a Bronze medal aboard a Moustache Samedi 27 Trail, just ahead of him was another Moustache rider, Jérôme Gilloux, who flew back to France with a silver medal.

Introducing: Moustache


Introducing: Moustache

Founders Manu and Greg began their e-bike business with a simple aim: to help people leave their cars in the garage. Little did they know that 10 years later, Moustache would be helping so many people choose two wheels over four. Our blog gets you closer to Moustache, their ethos and their bikes...

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